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NEW YORK–A 17-year-old girl viciously attacked a female New York City bus driver Tuesday, after she was told she could not board with her dog.

Steangeli Medina was stopped from getting on the Bx9 in the Bronx on Fordham Road in Belmont just before 6 p.m., according to officials. The driver, Marlene Bien-Aime, 48, noticed a pooched tucked in the girl’s jacket, and told her she could not ride unless the dog was in a crate.

Then Medina went on a savage rampage.

“She punched the driver in the face,” a source said. “She then drags her off the bus by her hair … where she punched and kicked her repeatedly about the body.”

Bien-Aime was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital hospital with a black eye and facial cuts.

“The bus driver was doing her job, enforcing the rules, and was assaulted while performing her duties, for no apparent reason,” said Frank Austin, a vice chairman of Transport Workers Union Local 100.

Medina was charged with assault, menacing and harassment.



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