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I recently caught up with longtime Black political activist Haki Madhubuti to discuss the Obama economic stimulus package and the economic downturn’s impact on Black America. Here, Madhubuti delves deeply into some of the economic maneuverings that derailed the US economy. He also spoke about Obama’s cabinet picks, particularly those in education and foreign policy. I wanted to know, given Madhubuti’s extensive career as an educator (he and his wife, Dr. Carol Lee, founded New Concept Development Center in 1972), how he felt about the selection of Chicago Public Schools head Arne Duncan as Education Secretary. Being from Chicago, like Duncan, he cut to the chase. Likewise, Madhubuti is a Little Rock, Arkansas native and held no punches when speaking of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and how former president Bill Clinton complicates her role. Given what’s at stake in the arenas of the economy, education, foreign policy in the days ahead, Madhubuti offers a crash course.

Haki Madhubuti is university professor at Chicago State University, the founder of Third World Press and the author of over 20 books, including the most recent, Yellow Black.

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