Charlie Kirk whitesplained to Jason Whitlock that anti-Black discrimination could have been solved through laws instead of the civil rights movement.

Mediocre white man Charlie Kirk doubled down on racist claims in a deleted social media post that Yusef Salaam and other Exonerated 5 members were guilty.

During an episode of his show, mediocre white man Charlie Kirk said, “I’m sorry. If I see a Black pilot, I’m going to be like, ‘Boy, I hope he’s qualified.”

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk asked BLEXIT director Pierre Wilson if Black America prefers gangbanging over Donald Trump.

Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk said the only reason Donald Trump was elected is because Republicans "want a white Obama."

Kirk, a community college dropout, thinks prominent Black women like Michelle Obama and Ketanji Brown Jackson didn't have "the brain processing power" to get into good schools without affirmative action.