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WASHINGTON — After Atlanta schools, teachers and principals were investigated for cheating on standardized tests, schools in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia are now being investigated as well.

The Huffington Post reports:

On Friday, The Philadelphia Public School Notebook, a blog on Philadelphia’s education system, reported that the state had provided it with a 2009 forensics investigation that flagged 60 statewide schools with suspicious results on standardized state exams.

Also on Friday, Washington, D.C., released its latest crop of test scores, showing a general positive trend. A district official revealed the day before that the U.S. Department of Education had joined in the investigation of unlikely scoring patterns and alleged cheating incidents between 2008 and 2010. The probe began in March after USA Today investigated patterns of erasing students’ incorrect answers.

The revelations come weeks after Andrés Alonso, CEO of Baltimore’s schools, announced that evidence of cheating had been found at two elementary schools over the last two years, and after Arne Duncan sent a letter to all state education commissioners across the country stressing the importance of test integrity.

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