School Cheating Scandals

A retired teacher delivered shocking testimony this week in the Atlanta schools cheating scandal, saying that her primary role when she was hired at a struggling elementary school was to erase certain answers on the state academic competency test, according to WTOC 11. The teacher, Lavonia Ferrell, (pictured left) testified Tuesday at the trial of […]

PHILADELPHIA — After the recent school cheating scandals in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., The Notebook, an education journal, has spoken to a teacher who admitted to helping students cheat on mandated state standardized tests. This teacher, a middle-aged White woman who grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs, told a story of tangled motivations and […]

The teachers and administrators who are alleged to be part of a wide ranging cheating scandal in the Atlanta education system, may have to repay their bonuses. State Rep. Billy Mitchell plans to introduce the bill that would make sure that teachers aren’t “unjustly enriched, while their students are placed in peril.” Read more at […]

The nationwide cheating scandal occurring in a multitude of public schools arguably stems from the pressures of the federal “No Child Left Behind” Act. In Atlanta, 178 public school teachers and principals have been accused of cheating to raise scores on state standardized tests. In Washington, D.C. the U.S. Department of Education and the D.C. […]

Recently, teachers and principals in the Atlanta public school system admitted to helping students cheat on government mandated tests. Why would they cheat? Laws set up for No Child Left Behind place funding for schools, salaries for teachers and even jobs for teachers on the scores students produce on these tests. Of course, it was […]

HAWAII — While vacationing in Hawaii, former Atlanta Public Schools superintendent Beverly Hall told an Atlanta news crew that she “absolutely knew nothing about the cheating scandal.” Her comments come a week after an investigation revealed widespread cheating among Atlanta teachers who helped students cheat on state standardized tests. In a statement last week, Hall’s […]

Bernice King spoke out against the public school cheating scandal in Atlanta on a local radio station, suggesting there needs to be “consequences” for teachers who helped students cheat on standardized tests. “You have to have consequences when people cheat our children because at the end of the day, [our children] don’t get a second […]

WASHINGTON — After Atlanta schools, teachers and principals were investigated for cheating on standardized tests, schools in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia are now being investigated as well. The Huffington Post reports: On Friday, The Philadelphia Public School Notebook, a blog on Philadelphia’s education system, reported that the state had provided it with a 2009 forensics […]

ATLANTA — In light of a brewing cheating scandal in Atlanta, Amirah Tavares said an Atlanta teacher helped her cheat in elementary school. While at the time she thought it was simple “help,” Tavares, who will be attending college, said she now understands the implication of the seemingly harmless assistance. Video Below: The Grio Reports: […]