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Social networking has definitely changed sports for the fan as well as the athlete.

Fans can follow the lives of their favorite players and subsequently, the stars can stay connected to their fan base when they’re not in action.

Everybody’s tweeting nowadays, from President Barack Obama to Papa John’s Pizza.

Here are the top 10 pro athletes in basketball, football, baseball and tennis who are tweet-aholics.

Please read, enjoy and share in the comments your favorite athlete you follow on Twitter.

1). Shaquille O’Neal, @SHAQ

It’s no shock the recently retired big man lugs 4,098,646 followers and has sent 3,740 tweets. Since being the No. 1 selection by the Orlando Magic in 1992, the charismatic Shaq has been adored by sports fans.

2). Chad OchoCinco, @ochocinco

The loud, flamboyant Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver flashes 2,352,332 followers and a staggering 29,775 tweets. Best recent tweet : “Expect anything from anyone even the devil was once an angel.”

3). LeBron James, @KingJames

Despite the hate spewed around the country for him leaving Cleveland for the Miami Heat last summer, King James still has love on Twitter. James boasts 2,270,269 followers and has sent 1,265 tweets.

4). Serena Williams, @serenawilliams

Her sexy photo caused some controversy for a day in May, but the tennis star didn’t need it to boost her popularity on Twitter. The younger Williams sister touts 2,156,868 followers and has sent 8,814 tweets.

5). Dwight Howard, @DwightHoward

The fun-loving Orlando Magic giant carries 2,153,888 followers and an impressive 13,165 tweets. Best recent tweet : “You only get one time around the track. Run hard and fast. And don’t look back.”

6). Paul Pierce, @paulpierce34

The Truth certainly keeps his fans on Twitter informed by tweeting about hoop camps, events and special projects he’s involved with. The Boston Celtics star flaunts 1,863,538 followers with 474 tweets.

7). Reggie Bush, @reggie_bush

Sure his NFL lockout tweet: “Vacation, rest, relaxing, appearances here and there! I’m good!” caused uproar in May. But the electrifying player maintains a loyal 1,824,404 followers and has sent 2,123 tweets.

8). Lamar Odom, @RealLamarOdom

Like many pro athletes these days, it seems Twitter is Odom’s favorite mode of communication to the world. The busy NBA and Hollywood star displays 1,671,267 followers and 3,545 tweets on his account.

9). Dwyane Wade, @DwyaneWade

Like in teammate LeBron’s case, it’s all love for D-Wade over on Twitter. The NBA star and member of the Miami Heat’s infamous Big Three has a healthy 1,493,951 followers and has sent 3,375 tweets.

10). Nick Swisher, @NickSwisher

Baseball stars don’t seem as endearing to Twitter as NBA and NFL players. However, the New York Yankees’ Swisher is an exception. The outfielder and switch hitter lists 1,351,153 followers and 911 tweets.

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