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A legendary high school football coach in New York has been accused of successfully pressuring school officials to change a star player’s grades so the teen would qualify for a full scholarship to college.

Joe Cipp Jr. was accused by former Bellport High School Principal, Kevin O’Connell, of having all-state lineman Ryan Sloan’s sophomore algebra and junior geometry final grades changed from D’s to C’s to help him score a free ride to the $52,000-a-year Syracuse University.

“Mr. Cipp was willing to go to extreme measures to have [Sloan’s] grades . . . altered,” O’Connell said in the deposition.

O’Connell — asked why he was canned at the end of the school year — replied, “I was terminated because of fear that something was going to come out relative to [Sloan’s] grades, relative to past performance, relative to the alteration of documents.


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