A legendary high school football coach in New York has been accused of successfully pressuring school officials to change a star player’s grades so the teen would qualify for a full scholarship to college.

NEW YORK — A Bronx high school principal is being investigated for tampering with grades and creating fake courses to increase grade point averages. Eximius College Preparatory Academy Principal Tammy Smith is accused by the DOE of boosting students credits to allow them to graduate. The New York Post reports: It was school “policy to […]

After school and teacher cheating was discovered in Atlanta and later Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, more cheating on standardized tests have been discovered. The Huffington Post reports: On a national level, the cheating story cuts to the heart of a major education policy debate over accountability. The Atlanta report’s conclusion that cheating resulted from a […]

The nationwide cheating scandal occurring in a multitude of public schools arguably stems from the pressures of the federal “No Child Left Behind” Act. In Atlanta, 178 public school teachers and principals have been accused of cheating to raise scores on state standardized tests. In Washington, D.C. the U.S. Department of Education and the D.C. […]

Bernice King spoke out against the public school cheating scandal in Atlanta on a local radio station, suggesting there needs to be “consequences” for teachers who helped students cheat on standardized tests. “You have to have consequences when people cheat our children because at the end of the day, [our children] don’t get a second […]

ATLANTA — The fallout from the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal continued to spread as four area superintendents were replaced and a school district in Texas put the superintendent it recently hired from Georgia on paid leave. Interim Superintendent Erroll Davis replaced the four superintendents late Monday, hours before trustees of the DeSoto Independent School […]