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The Chicago Sun-Times reported a would-be mugger named Anthony Miranda, caught the beating of a lifetime. He tried to rob a 6ft. 2in. 250 lbs MMA fighter.

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The MMA fighter, elusively identified only as “Justin” was relaxing in his car. Miranda who was armed, walked up and began the jack move:

“Justin said he handed over the $30 in cash he had stuffed in a his car’s cup holder, but Miranda was not satisfied, Justin said. At that moment, he backs up the gun and he racks it,” Justin recalled. “The gun jammed. He racked it a second time. He ejected the bullet on the ground. He went down and grabbed the bullet and said, ‘Look, m—–f—–, it’s a hollow point. I’ll blow your brains out.’”

Justin was told to get out of the car. He did as he was instructed and was able to wrestle the gun from Miranda. Then he put hands on him like D-Bo did Red in Friday.

Justin said: “He was begging me to let him go. He said he has a baby.”

Nothing makes me feel better than to see a jacker get jacked! Karma is real.

Read the whole story in the Chicago Sun-Times.

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