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Rapper DMX, born Earl Simmons, is being accused by ex-girlfriend Patricia Trejo of owing over 1 million dollars in child support, reports TMZ.

The couple were in L.A. Superior Court Thursday morning because the former “Ruff Ryder”  filed a motion asking for permission to perform in Europe.  In paternity cases where significant back pay is due, the owing parent is prohibited from leaving the country unless they obtain a court order.

Though X did not say whether he had any intention of paying his support, he did reveal why he has not thus far:

He does not believe the girl is his.

According to TMZ, before he pays one dime, he wants to obtain a paternity test.

While we can’t say for sure if the child is his or not, what is certain is that DMX did not push for a paternity test until it became inconvenient for him not to know.

Unfortunately, DMX, one of the top rappers of the ’90’s, has been in and out of legal trouble for the last decade on charges ranging from assault to weapons and drug possession.

This situation could be a little more complex considering that Dark Man X may have to actually leave the country to get the money to pay the child support — if the child is, in fact, his daughter. Only time will tell.


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