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A Florida man waiting to order food at a local McDonald’s jumped over the counter and beat the manager with a baseball bat because he felt he was being ignored by staff, the Daily Mail reports.

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The unidentified man reportedly told the manager that he was ignored while waiting to order food the day before. He then asked the manager for the corporate office phone number to complain. The manager complied and wrote the number on a piece of paper. But the angry costumer slammed the piece of paper on the counter and left. But he returned and that is when all hell broke lose.

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The Daily Mail has more:

Security video taken from the restaurant shows the suspect hopping the counter and menacing the bat as he approaches the manager.

But the actual attack is not seen on the video as the suspect jumps out of the shot for about eight seconds.

He then calmly leaves the store, tucking his hand through his sweatshirt to avoid leaving fingerprints on the door handle – and apparently forgetting that he placed his bare hands on the counter as he jumped over it.

A female 911 caller reported that the suspect said: ‘Just give me some f****** food, you cracker’ as he hit the manager with the bat.

The police originally said the attack was a robbery, but changed it to assault and battery because they determined the man did not intend to rob the restaurant. The manager was treated at a local hospital and is expected to recover from his injuries.

The bat-swinging assailant has yet to be caught.


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