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Since the scuffle between former NFL great Deion Sanders and his estranged wife, Pilar last month, authorities are still attempting to sift through the he-said, she-said in the case. Now Prosper, Texas, police are considering bringing a new charge against Deion for allegedly tampering with Pilar’s phone — something they missed when they did the initial investigation, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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During Thursday’s custody hearing, Pilar’s attorney Pete Schultz grilled the police officers who answered Deion’s call to arrest his wife. Schultz wanted to know why the officers had failed to charge Deion with a criminal mischief or tampering with evidence charge once they discovered Pilar’s discarded phone.

In response, Sgt. Bryan Golden testified that both he and his team weren’t focused on the issue of the phone, “At the time, it was not something we were looking to make an arrest for.”

Watch the details about Deion and Pilar’s fight here:

Truthfully, the latest phone issue appears to be but a minor detail within the backdrop of the confrontation. On April 23, according to an officer on the stand, after Pilar repeatedly kicked the door of Deion’s room, Deion allegedly picked Pilar up and returned her to her side of the house, while she assaulted him.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

The officer testified that the ex-NFL star told him that he was in a kitchen area attached to his bedroom in his end of the house when Pilar Sanders began to kick at the kitchen door.

He told the officer that his wife began slapping him, so he grabbed her by the waist and carried her from the bedroom. He reported that when he got outside the bedroom, his wife and her friend Dee Boswell began to hit him, Gardner testified.

Boswell held a cellphone up to his face, but Sanders said he knocked the phone away, Gardner said. The phone was later found outside, with its memory card nearby.

It’s what Deion did with the phone afterward that is at issue.

While Deion did  indeed tell police that he knocked the phone out of Boswell’s hand, Pilar’s attorneys want to know why her phone was smashed outside the residence and then discarded with the memory card, spurring the Collin County District Attorney’s Office to review the new charge.

After the incident, even though both were charged with simple assault charges, which are misdemeanors, Pilar got the raw end of the deal: She was arrested and had to spend a night in jail.

The worst aspect of this case, though, is the tumultuous and combative atmosphere it has created for the children, ages 12, 10, and 8. According to the children’s lawyer, Jeffery Shore, the kids not only need counseling but are also struggling in school.

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