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A South African court convicted Chris Mahlangu for the killing Eugene Terreblanche, who was the former apartheid nation’s most influential racist, the BBC reports.

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Patrick Ndlovu, who was also accused in Terreblanche‘s murder, was acquitted. The slain Neo-Nazi leader’s 2010 killing evoked memories of South Africa’s racist past by the nation’s White minority.

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Ndlovu was “convicted of housebreaking with intent to steal.”

The BBC has more:

During the trial, a lawyer for Ndlovu, who has been named for the first time as he was a minor at the time, said he had been subject to “appalling conditions… not fit for human habitation [and] child exploitation” on the farm.

The lawyer said his client had not killed Terreblanche, but had found his body and called the police.

Much of the evidence against the teenager was dismissed because the police did not follow South Africa’s child protection law when handling the case.

The prosecution said they had found Terreblanche asleep and beaten him with a steel pipe.

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Terreblanche was the founder of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement – AWB, a neo nazi group that opposed the ending the apartheid. The BBC reports that members of his group,with their trademark red, white and black, swastika-style flags, stood outside of the court room in support of Terreblanche. They feel that their former leader’s killing is reflective of what they feel is anti-Afrikaner sentiment in South Africa.

Black farmers, not too far away, were singing protest songs that date back to the era where the White minority ruled with an iron fist. The police had to set up cordons to keep the two groups from fighting each other.

Both Ndlovu and Mahlangu will be sentenced next month. Go to the BCC to read more on this story.