Steve Biko’s slogan “Black Is Beautiful” still resonates 46 years after the anti-apartheid icon was murdered by South African police on Sept. 12, 1977. Here are several other of his timeless quotes.

Two White South African men are on trial for forcing a Black man into a coffin. They video recorded the assault.

After dozens of discriminatory insults appeared on social media, South African President Jacob Zuma on Saturday condemned the "demon of racism," reports AFP.

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The story of the abducted Nigerian school girls still has yet to be resolved. For weeks now, many across social media and activism communities called for U.S. and international groups to step in on behalf of the families that just want their girls back. Friday on “NewsOne Now,” host Roland Martin and the guest panel discussed […]

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In the 1960s and 1970s, there was a huge movement for companies to disinvest from South Africa in order to protest apartheid. Caroline Hunter, who was a chemist for Polaroid in the ’70s, helped to establish the Polaroid Workers Revolutionary Movement to give more insight into the company’s work with apartheid. Polaroid made passbooks, or […]

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Nearly 2 dozen U.S. lawmakers were scheduled to be at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, many of them members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The caucus’ link to the South African leader and his people’s struggle is longstanding.    Former Ohio congressman Louis Stokes described the history on NewsOne Now with Roland Martin. “The Congressional Black Caucus had long […]

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Apartheid might not have ended in South Africa if it weren’t for the help of African Americans. Jesse Jackson spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to talk about contributions to end apartheid as well as how Nelson Mandela was viewed after he became the first Black president of South Africa. RELATED: Marcia Fudge On […]

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) dared to show respect for the late Nelson Mandela on social media, and the Tea Party golden boy faced the wrath of his own supporters because of it, reports ABC News. RELATED: Maya Angelou’s Tribute To Nelson Mandela: ‘His Day Is Done’ [VIDEO] Cruz posted on Facebook: Nelson Mandela will live in history […]


Dr. Maya Angelou, a living legend among us, has delivered a powerful, gripping tribute to Nelson Mandela on behalf of the American people. Released by the U.S. State Department, Angelou speaks about the “heart of Africa” walking out the prison’s door and feeling the “cool winds of freedom” all the way in America. She speaks […]

You can Learn more about the achievements of Nelson Mandela by reading the history and studying his own quotes, but you can also learn about the life of Mandela through the many portrayals of the world leader in the movies. There have been a number of actors taking on the legendary role, including Danny Glover, […]

In the wake of the news that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had died of a stroke on April 8 at the age of  87-years-old, critics have catapulted Judy Garland’s version of “Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead” to the top of several music charts, reports The Wizard of Oz classic has reached “No. […]


A South African court convicted Chris Mahlangu for the killing Eugene Terreblanche, who was the former apartheid nation’s most influential racist, the BBC reports. SEE ALSO: Sleepy Surgeons: New Study Shines Light On Risks Of Surgeon Fatigue Patrick Ndlovu, who was also accused in Terreblanche‘s murder, was acquitted. The slain Neo-Nazi leader’s 2010 killing evoked […]