NewsOne Featured Video

This is video of George Zimmerman apparently walking around the Sanford Police Station unattended. According to the date mark at the lower bottom of the recording, the video was recorded on Feb. 29–three days after Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin dead.

Just wondering.

Trayvon was shot Feb. 26. 2012.

ABC News also reports that the video was shot three days after Trayvon’s killing.

NewsOne reported that Zimmerman has a very contradictory relationship with Sanford police, first blasting them as irresponsible and later praising their work.

In the video recording above, it seems clear that Zimmerman, at the end of the day, had a nice and cozy relationship with the police.

Think about it: How many men do you know have walked around a police station without handcuffs after shooting someone dead?