Kanye West (pictured) was arrested and charged with third degree criminal mischief for throwing an amp through a New York City Times Square storefront in a fit of rage.  West pleaded guilty to the charge at the Manhattan Criminal Court Wednesday but wait…Kanye West is actually a she and not the famed performer, reports the New York Daily News.

Linda Resa, an aspiring singer, changed her name legally to Kanye West in April of last year in honor of the man she idolizes.  The 28-year-old wanted to show the hip-hop mogul that she was more than just your average garden variety obsessed fan.

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West also took her idolatry a step further. In addition to her name change, she also had her derriere tattooed with the name “Kanye” in huge letters prominently sprawled across it (pictured left).

According to West, she flipped her large Afro wig because as she was performing a cover of “Videophone” by Beyonce and Lady Gaga on a block in the heart of Manhattan, her amp suddenly lost power.  West, who claims that she is usually quite docile in nature, grabbed the contraption and flung it through the window of an Office Depot.

The Chicago transplant, who was living in a homeless shelter when she was arrested by police for the incident, grew up an orphan.  West has tried to eek out a living by singing for the last eight years.  She even claims to have met her idol Kanye West when she came in 12th place at a “Chicago Idol” talent search back in 2005.

According to the aspiring performer, the original West gave her some heartfelt words of encouragement at the competition about her performance.”He said, ‘Oh my God, it was awesome. You have superstar power. You really know how to work the stage,” West revealed to the New York Daily News.

But what about Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s new wifey?  West naturally does not like the dynasty princess and expresses her dislike for Kim K every chance she gets on her Twitter account.

 In the meantime, West was originally charged with a felony but it was kicked down a few notches to a misdemeanor because she pleaded guilty.  Although West now regrets losing her cool and throwing the amp, she will be mandated by the courts to perform 100 hours of community service.

Perhaps the woman who claims to perform songs about her undying love for Kanye West while wearing a wedding dress and using the stage name “Mrs. Kanye West,” might now find a welcoming audience in some community setting as she completes her sentence.

Never a dull moment in the Big Apple!


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