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On Monday morning, six phone calls that George Zimmerman made from Seminole County jail were released to the public by Special Prosecutor Angela Corey. Shockingly, the calls reveal a defendant who seems so in control and confident about his predicament, that he even jokes with his wife about wearing a hoodie, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

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Soon after being taken in to custody for the first time on April 11, Zimmerman reportedly made at least  151 calls. Of the 151 calls, Corey only released six of the phone calls, after reportedly being criticized by Zimmerman lawyer, Mark O’Mara. In one of the calls that was made on April 11, Zimmerman reportedly instructed both his wife and sister to transfer the money he had accumulated via Pay Pal — reportedly, Zimmerman used the code word “Peter Pan” to refer to Pay Pal and gave pointed instruction to his wife and sister on how to clear security questions so that money could be moved around.

See transcripts of Zimmerman’s phone calls here:

April 12 Zimmerman Jail Call Transcript (PDF)

April 15 Zimmerman Jail Call Transcript (PDF)

April 16 Zimmerman Jail Call Transcript 1 (PDF

April 17 Zimmerman Jail Call Transcript (PDF)

What’s most interesting about the phone calls is Zimmerman’s reported “confidence” and “calm” in the exchanges. The Orlando Sentinel reports:

The calls document money transfers, but they also reveal Zimmerman to be calm, confident and patient.

Neither he nor his wife say anything angry, ugly or racist. They make no references to Trayvon Martin or to the criminal charge he faces – second-degree murder.

At the news that his website has crashed because so many people have donated money to his site, Zimmerman reportedly says:

“Oh, man, that feels good.”

“What?” asks his wife.

“That there are people in America that care,” he said.

“Yeah they do,” she answered. “Trust me, and boy, after what happened yesterday, so many people [sic] your website kept crashing.”

With both Zimmerman’ and his wife, Shellie, pleased at the level of support they are receiving, Shellie tells her husband that after this ordeal is over, he will have a “great life”:

“After all this is over, you’re going to be able to have a great life.”

“We will.”

“Yeah, we will.”

Most upsetting, though, is when he and his wife discuss security. While explaining what the safety procedure should be once he is released on bail from jail, Zimmerman says, “We could have two cars, we could have two rented cars.” When the wife prods further about how he will hide himself in the vehicle, Zimmerman responds:

Well, I have my hoodie.”


It’s good to know — that for the most part — things have been oh-so-cushy for the pair. The Trayvon Martin murder trial hasn’t even begun, but the Zimmermans are already fixating on things to come, a future that is just so bright and filled with better days.

Too bad the Martins can’t feel or think the same.

Their future is son-less: They will never get to hold or hug their son. They will not be allowed the honor of seeing their son graduate from high school or college. There are no weddings or grandchildren awaiting them.

They will indeed have better days, but it will be a long time before they achieve “great” days.

George Zimmerman is even so relaxed and cocksure of both his current predicament and future, that he can even “joke” about “hiding in his hoodie.” (Chuckle, chuckle)

I hope that they never let Zimmerman out of jail for taking Trayvon’s young life.

I hope that, for once, justice can be served in this case, with Zimmerman serving the MAXIMUM sentence for his racial profiling. I hope he can one day experience the pain and emptiness the Martins are feeling.

Time will tell how lying to the court during their initial bond hearing about their finances and the number of passports Zimmerman has plays out in the trial. I’m sure life isn’t so sweet now that Zimmerman is back behind bars and his wife has been charged with perjury. With hope, these “developments” will take these two one step closer to justice.

I am watching…and waiting.

Listen to the Zimmermans phone calls here.

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