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Chris Brown and Drake can now opt to squash their beef between the ropes. Billionaire soda bottling heir Alki David has offered the men $1 million each to continue their recent hell-raising fracas in a boxing match, according to the New York Daily News.

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Brown, Drake and their camps recently battled at a New York City nightclub over alleged nasty comments made about the woman they both shared, singer Rihanna. Bottles, ice buckets, fists and glasses were thrown about. Brown received a gash to the chin. NBA star Tony Parker, who was in attendance on the night in question, wound up with a corneal abrasion to the eye. Many of the party-goers received bruises and cuts. Brown’s bodyguard sustained severe injuries to his head.

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The melee was so out of control that police were called. But both Brown and Drake had been ushered out of the club by time they arrived.

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According to celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman, not only will David sponsor the event between Brown and Drake, but he will also write out another $1 million check to a charity for good measure.

Feldman told the New York Daily News that proposes three, one-minute rounds. He stressed that no one will get seriously hurt.

The promoter has a projected date of August 25 and the event could be held in one of two cities: Las Vegas or Los Angeles.

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Brown’s rep told the New York Daily News that no one has approached the singer about the proposed deal.

Meanwhile, police are still investigating the violence that occurred at the nightclub involving the men and are seeking witnesses who can substantiate claims that Drake initiated the brawl.

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