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George Zimmerman, the wanna-be cop who shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin dead on Feb. 26, did NOT suffer brain trauma, according to a medical evaluation conducted after the shooting, the Miami Herald reports.

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The report did say Zimmerman suffered a broken nose and black eyes. Standing at 5 feet 7½ inches tall and 204 lbs, Zimmerman was also described as “obese” in the report. The doctor wrote that Zimmerman did “not have any blurry vision or dizziness.” Though the doctor wrote that Zimmerman said he “got nauseous every time he thought of the night’s violence.”

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According to the Duval County Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda, even though Zimmerman suffered injures on the night he killed Trayvon, the only reason he sought medical attention was because he needed a doctor’s note for work.

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Here are more details from the Herald:

The doctor said Zimmerman had two cuts on his head which did not require stitches because they were already healing. His nose was fractured and hurt, and he suffered joint pain likely because of the assault, the doctor said.

“We discussed that it is likely broken, but does not appear to have septal deviation,” the doctor wrote. “The swelling and black eyes are typical of this injury. I recommended that he be evaluated by ENT but he refused.”

The records show Zimmerman takes a variety of medications, including pills that both elevate your mood and calm it. He suffers from sacroiliitis, inflammation of the joints in the lower spine. He also has had irritable bowel syndrome.

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Seminole County Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. is expected to rule on whether to release Zimmerman on bond this week or keep him locked up. As NewsOne previously reported, Zimmerman misled the court during his first bond hearing by lying about his lack of funds and number of passports he possessed.

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