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Any fans who have been following the exhausting custody battle between Usher Raymond and his ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond, might remember chuckling to themselves when Foster Raymond demanded that her ex re-open her Saks Fifth Avenue card.

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The celebrity stylist claimed back in January that she couldn’t take advantage of the “special benefits” of the card, with the “There Goes My Baby’ singer reportedly claiming that he never canceled the card at all.

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Well, she who laughs last, laughs best.

According to TMZ, a judge found Usher in contempt of court for closing  the card and ordered him to re-open it:

The closed Saks card was just one of Tameka Raymond‘s many grievances in her ongoing custody fight against Usher — and now, the court has taken her side … holding the singer in contempt for pulling the plug on her fancy charge account.

Tameka claims she needs the account to do her job as a stylist.

As for the other grievances — Tameka said Usher owed her cash for the nanny bill … and continually failed to keep her in the loop about where and when he traveled with the kids.

The court agreed … and awarded Tameka $1,300 for the nanny.

The judge has yet to determine the ex-couple’s custody and support issues.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Usher allegedly requested a stay on the preceding in light of the death of Foster Raymond’s 11-year-old son, Kile Glover, in a jet-ski accident on Lake Lanier.  His ex-wife not only refused to stall the case, she released the following statement to NewsOne:

“Sadly, I remain in the unfortunate position of having to respond to and attend court proceedings that were not initiated or begun by me. I did not file this custody case (January 2011) and was content with the ‘joint custody’ arrangement that we share.  Most importantly, nor do I wish to appear in court while I am mourning the loss of my son. But I do not want to delay thus prolong these proceedings either; I’d rather continue this arduous process hoping it will help move me through this most difficult period in my life.  People seem to be privy to only my filed responses as ‘Defendant’ to the initiation of this case (Jan 4, 2011), when I have only been defending myself and protecting the best interests of my children through my counsel. I cannot control how the media reports are written/slanted/spun or even how court documents may be manipulated in their attribution of certain statements as if they are direct “quotes” from me- yet I can control what I actually say myself.

This may sound really cliché but you must NOT believe everything you read or hear and never judge… especially without solid facts and always, but always consider the source. Discernment is key. My boys are my entire world and I will fight tooth and nail to keep all of my sons together as a family…”

Read the rest of Tameka Foster Raymond’s statement by clicking here.


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