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Former Secretary of State in the Bush 43 Administration, Condoleeza Rice, was thoroughly vetted to be the vice-presidential running mate for GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. According to RadarOnline, she was rejected because of her moderate/liberal political stances on key social issues.

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“Condi was fully vetted to become Mitt Romney running mate and turned over financial records, including tax returns,” a source close to Rice tells Radar.

“Mitt thought she would add much needed foreign policy experience to the ticket, thinks she is incredibly bright and he knew she would help with the all important female vote and African American support.

“However, Mitt’s advisers talked him out of it because Condi is pro-choice and she isn’t willing to change her position on the controversial issue. Condi also supports same sex civil unions which again, put her at odds with Romney. Mitt had a hard time getting the ultra conservative support of the GOP and was told if he picked Condi that would immediately be lost and so he ultimately picked Congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate.”

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See Rice’s speech at the RNC below:

This same unnamed source also claims that the GOP darling is anticipating a run for Governor of California. After her electric speech at the RNC, California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring sent an email with the following subject: “Condi for California Governor? Ten Reasons to Seriously Consider It.”

But not so fast.

Rice has made it clear many times in the past that she has no political ambitions, including in an interview on CBS This Morning”:

“There is no way that I will do this,” when asked if she would accept a position as the No. 2 on this year’s Republican presidential ticket.

“Charlie, I didn’t run for student council president. I don’t see myself in any way in elected office. I love policy. I’m not particularly fond of politics,” she told host Charlie Rose, adding that she thinks Romney has “terrific judgment.”

Pressed on whether she would turn it down if asked, she said, “I’m saying there is no way that I will do this, because it’s really not me. I know my strengths, and governor Romney needs to find someone who wants to run with him.”

“There are many people who will do it very, very well, and I’ll support the ticket,” she said.

Still, with the GOP looking for savior, and many Black conservatives stressing identity politics and the fact that the Republican party needs a “face change,” her personal story remains a compelling reason for them to court her dormant political ambitions:

“A little girl grows up in Jim Crow Birmingham,” said Rice in her RNC speech, “the segregated city of the South where her parents can’t take her to a movie theater or to a restaurant, but they have her absolutely convinced that even if she can’t have a hamburger at the Woolworth’s lunch counter, she could be president of the United States if she wanted to be. And she becomes the secretary of State.”

Could she also become President of the United States of America in 2016?

Well, anything’s possible.


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