Rice, Hobson, and Morgan's historic appointments come at a challenging time for the NFL, as the organization strives to bring more diversity and inclusion to the league's committee and hiring practices. 

To the casual listener, there might be nothing wrong with this conversation. But therein lies the problem with it. Normalizing talking points meant to undermine advancement while engaging in intellectually dishonest commentary only emboldens groups who deal in dishonesty. 

Former Secretary of State in the Bush 43 Administration, Condoleeza Rice, was thoroughly vetted to be the vice-presidential running mate for GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney. According to RadarOnline, she was rejected because of her moderate/liberal political stances on key social issues. SEE ALSO: See NewsOne’s 6-Point Political Agenda For Black America “Condi was fully vetted to become Mitt […]

Did Condoleezza Rice pass up the opportunity to partner with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as his VP nominee in favor of a modeling career?  Nah! But, whatever the case, the NFL has just released publicity shots of Rice’s modeling debut as part of their new women’s wear apparel line, reports the Daily Mail. SEE RELATED:  Condoleezza […]