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When news began to spread like wildfire this past summer that recording artist and humanitarian Wyclef Jean (pictured) was all set to perform at the Republican National Convention, it apparently raised the brows of many of his fans…and Jean himself. This week, Jean spoke with Atlanta radio station Majic 107.5/97.5 recently, the former-Haitian to squelch the rumors that he is a supporter of the Republican party.

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Jean, who was a staunch Democratic supporter back in 2008, rallied around Barack Obama when he placed his bid in for the presidency. So when news traveled that Jean would be headlining this years Republican National Convention’s “Got Your 6” event — after country singer Willie Nelson and Randy Travis reportedly bowed out of performing at the festivities — many were left scratching their heads to the artist’s about-face move.

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According to Jean, who is currently promoting his memoir, “Purpose:  An Immigrant’s Story,” the rumor about his alleged betrayal to the Democratic party and to President Obama was pretty upsetting.

Speaking to Majic radio host Myronda, Jean said, “I can’t even talk about the Republicans!  There is so much information about Wyclef out there, just read my book. If I don’t say it on my Twitter and you go ahead and believe it…that’s you!”

The co-founder of the grassroots, non-political charitable organization Yéle Haiti went on to further explain his views about the Republican party, “I support President Obama, and to the Republicans that are listening, I just want you to know, it’s not really based on emotion…because I know Republicans that are saying at this time that even Mitt Romney has completely lost his mind!

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Clearly, Jean is backing Obama 100 percent and has complete confidence in his ability to lead the country for another four years. The entertainer and Haitian politico said, “The way that the country is going right now, we can’t risk nothing. We might as well let the person already [there] that has that experience with that four years [run again]. We can’t risk putting anybody else in there. They’ talk about  the economy, I understand that, so give him another four years.  Foreign policy?  You see what’s going on the other side of the world? We need a president with a cool head and that is President Barack Obama.”

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