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Former badass poster child for the hit series “Bad Girls Club” Natalie Nunn is not feeling so feisty these days.  Apparently, there is some intimate footage of her and her new hubby, football player Jacob Payne, that was stolen and the blackmailer reportedly wants to get paid or he’ll sell it, reports RadarOnline.

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The sexual video was reportedly on Nunn’s iPad, which she absentmindedly left on a New York City subway. Nunn, who recently married Payne last May, was in the Big Apple promoting her stint on the reality show “Bridezillas.”

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Reportedly, Payne was highly upset with his bride and read her the riot act for being so careless with video.  According to a source who spoke with RadarOnline, the gridiron player is concerned about what the public release of the tape would do to his playing career. “He is an athlete and not  a Hollywood guy and wants nothing to do with being exposed,” says the source.

Nunn also reportedly confided in the friend that the blackmailer is looking to capitalize in a huge way with regards to his find and is actively seeking out the highest bidder — unless she pays the person $100,000.  The insider also said that the 27-year-old reality star is tortured by the fact that the footage could surface on any given day online.

“Natalie told me, ‘It has been horrible, I wake up every day and check Twitter thinking someone is going to post it,'” reveals her concerned friend.

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Nunn, recently landed a reality spin-off, “Tea Party With Natalie Nunn,” where she will be interviewing major celebs and athletes on the show.  Since Nunn is riding a career crest, according to the source, she is seriously contemplating buying the blackmailer off in order to save face.  The friend also says that Nunn feels the sex scandal could derail her blossoming career, as she is already being touted as the next Wendy Williams.

A seemingly belligerent party girl, Nunn actually comes from a holier-than-thou background with a Father who is a church deacon, and according to the friend, Nunn is terrified at the thought of her parents possibly seeing the sex tape.  “Her parents are so proud, and now this! They would die if they saw it. Her dad is a deacon of her church and she hasn’t had the courage to tell them yet. She just wanted it to go away!”

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