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Riding high off of his lies in the first presidential debate, GOP presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, figured he might as well throw one more untruth onto the heap while momentum is on his side.

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Speaking with FOX News’ Sean Hannity, Mittens admitted that he was “completely wrong” about negatively stereotyping 47 percent of Americans, but stopped a long distance from an apology:

“Clearly in a campaign with hundreds if not thousands of speeches and question-and-answer sessions, now and then you say something [that] doesn’t come out right,” Romney said.  “In this case, I said something that’s just completely wrong.”

“When I become president it will be about helping the 100 percent,” he assured Hannity.

While the consensus has been that the clear loser in Wednesday’s debate was moderator Jim Lehrer, who was bullied by Romney the entire 90 minutes to the point of having his — and Big Bird’s — job threatened, Mittens insists that he did an excellent job:

“I was pleased that I had a chance to talk about my vision for America, and the president was able to answer some questions that I posed that I think Americans across the country wanted to have answered,” he said, adding that he appreciated the moderation by Jim Lehrer, which was widely panned. “It was not a big ‘gotcha’ night coming from  the moderator but instead was a chance for the president and I to go toe-to-toe on the important issues that people care about.”

By most accounts, President Barack Obama‘s performance was weak on style and vague on substance; whereas Romney’s energetic showing was an Oscar winning performance for ‘Best Fiction.’ His advisors said that he was ready for the 47 percent question, but it never came.

As for the debate on foreign policy, Romney showed his hand. He plans on comparing Obama/Benghazi to Bush 43/9-11, and claim that the president fell asleep at the wheel:

“There had been warnings of possible attacks, there had been requests … to have additional security forces. They were turned down. And then following the tragedy we saw, well, misleading information coming from the administration. In fact, the president didn’t acknowledge this was a terrorist attack for a week or two? I mean, this was a terrorist attack, lives were lost, this happened on 9/11. We expect candor and transparency from  the president and from the administration. We didn’t get it.”

It’s amazing what a little confidence boost will do for a man. Whatever Mitt “I Don’t Have To Release My Taxes/I Don’t Work With Bain Capital” Romney is smoking that gives him the courage to criticize someone’s “candor and transparency,” I don’t want any. In the mean time, he’ll keep thinking the 47 percent of Americans that he insulted can be swayed by a Fox News soundbite.

Election Day will prove if he’s right.

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