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Patrick Gallagher is suing a Philadelphia “gentleman’s” club after an overzealous stripper allegedly burst his bladder during a lap dance, reports

In 2010, Gallagher and his friends were enjoying his bachelor party at the Penthouse Club when things took a painful turn. He was laying on the stage, excitedly waiting for the dancer to slide down the pole and land on him. When she did, it was with such force that he claims she caused internal bleeding  and he was forced to undergo surgery the next morning. He also allegedly suffered with nerve damage to his back and hip, reports

According to the lawsuit filed Sept. 28,  the dancer “negligently and carelessly slammed her body against plaintiff with such force as to cause significant injuries.”

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He is seeking $50,000 for medical bills, pain, humiliation and mental anguish.

The Penthouse Club has not issued a comment and Gallagher’s attorney had no comment on why his client waited so long to file suit.


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