10:29 PM EST: When asked about his character and what makes him as a “man” uniquely” qualified to lead the country. Ryan talks policy. Biden talks about his dedication to the middle class.

10:20 PM EST: Both VP Biden and Ryan are Catholic and both agree that life begins at conception as it pertains to abortion. Biden states that it his personal belief and that he will never impose his beliefs on a woman’s choice. Ryan evades the question and attempts to distance himself away from Romney’s solidly — and intrusively — pro-life stance while stating mistruths about Obama’s policy on reproductive rights. Yet he says without saying that Roe vs. Wade should be overturned.

10:15 PM EST: After dancing around the conflicts in Syria and insinuating that the Obama Administration has failed in the region. Upon further questioning, Ryan admits that a Romney/Ryan ticket actually agrees with President Obama.

10:05 PM EST: Both Ryan and VP Biden agree on a withdrawal date from Afghanistan in 2014. Period, no conditions. Ryan says that we shouldn’t tell our enemies when we’re leaving so they can wait us out. Biden calls his statement “bizarre.”

9:42 PM EST: The conversation gets heated talking about tax reform and defense budget. The fact-checkers will have a field day on this one. Partisan talking points all around.

9:37 PM EST: Biden laughs at Ryan and compares him to Sarah Palin when he veers into “death panel” discussion.

9:31 PM EST: VP Biden calls out “his friend” Ryan for writing letters asking for stimulus twice in Wisconsin because it would create jobs. Tells him to be more “candid” with the American people.

9:30 PM EST: Ryan on 47% statement: I’m sure the VP knows what it is for things to not come out quite right. Biden: But I always say what I mean.

9:25 PM EST: VP Biden pulls no punches on Romney/Ryan tax plan. Says that it’s time that conservatives stop holding the middle class “hostage.” Calls out Romney on the 47% statement and claims that his parents on social security pay more taxes than Romney.

9:23 PM EST: VP Biden said that Romney “changes his mind so much” he doesn’t know where he stands on Iran.

9:17 PM EST: VP Joe Biden refuses to back down. When talking about Iran, reminds Ryan of his experience and rebuts all accusations that Iran is closer to getting nuclear weapons. Biden makes it clear that Ryan’s “loose talk” is untrue.

9:10 PM EST: Ryan claims that President Obama “apologizes” for American values. Libya was a clear terrorist attack and Obama failed by not having more troops on the ground.

9:05 PM EST: VP Joe Biden refuses to let Paul Ryan lie on President Obama’s foreign policy. Calls his statements “malarky” and says that Romney and Ryan “bet against America.”

With hope, you joined NewsOne last week as we live blogged the Presidential Debate, and Thursday night, we will be doing the same, giving you a play-by-play analysis of Vice President Joe Biden‘s and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan‘s chief arguments.

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