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The fallacy with the idea of white supremacy is that it suggests that whites are, quite simply, the best. White Supremacy implies both that the best whites are better than the best of any other race and that the worst whites are better than the best of any other race. This, in itself, should be absurd, especially considering I’m writing which, already, makes me better than at least the 16% of white Americans that are illiterate. If you’re non-white and you’re reading this, put that 16% beneath yourself as well.

So let’s only deal with the idea that the best whites are better than the best of every other race. In this case, if anyone can give but one example of a situation in which whites aren’t the best, the whole theory (again) collapses on its head:

1. Michael Jordan.

Now what happens? A “qualifier” happens. OF COURSE Michael Jordan’s great and Black because that’s all Blacks can do is play sports! We’re then urged to name another field in which whites aren’t supreme. This is called a logical “bait and switch”. Never fall for it. You’ll end up rattling off name after name and being retorted with qualifier after qualifier.

So imagine you’ve got this theory that doesn’t make sense and you’re a supporter of it and believer in it. Imagine everywhere that you look—including in the White House—you’re reminded of how absurd, awkward and quite silly your position really is. Well then, you just might become a little dangerous; especially if you own a gun.

That said, let’s say a R.I.P. for Stephen Tyrone Johns, a 39 year-old security guard at Washington’s Holocaust Memorial Museum who was killed yesterday by an 89 year-old moron named John W. von Brunn.

The death of a Black man that was securing the Holocaust Memorial Museum is so poetically ironic that if it weren’t for the fact that it was a white supremacist that did it, it could, in a way, almost make sense.


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