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Brooklyn teacher Marlon Scanterbury (pictured) was fined by the city’s Conflict of Interest Board for peddling his homemade soaps to students in exchange for a free pass on homework, reports the New York Post.

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Scanterbury, a 6th grade science teacher at P.S. 66, began his selling plot last year after the school system implemented a program, where educators would promote exemplary behavior and outstanding academics by offering their students keys that they could exchange for little trinkets.

The 43-year-old teacher used the program to allegedly line his own pockets by first telling his 11- and- 12-year-old students that they would earn 10 keys if they bought a bar of his soap for $3 to $4.  Two months later, when his initial sales pitch drew little takers, he sweetened the pot by proclaiming to his students that “for each bar of soap purchased, in addition to 10 ‘keys,’ the student would also receive one ‘no homework pass,’” according to a signed statement.

Scanterbury began teaching in the public school system as a substitute in 1998 and currently earns a reported $81,000 a year. Unfortunately for him, he only managed to sell three bars of soap to three students and one child reportedly bought three bars, according to the Conflict of Interest Board.

Scanterbury’s all-washed-up soap business resulted in a whopping fine of $4,000, which doesn’t quite match the paltry $24 he netted from his harebrained soap scheme.

The Canarsie-area science teacher, who seems really liked by his students, came under fire back in 2008 when he was cited for corporal punishment, according to the city’s Board of Education.

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