Charlotte mother Suzette Henderson (pictured) claims a gym teacher at her son’s school, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) made a joke about his skin color, WSOCTV reports. SEE ALSO: Roland Martin Talks 2014 Midterm Elections Though it reportedly happened last month, Henderson says she learned about the incident during a meeting, included her son, an administrator and his physical […]

Tamu Francis (pictured), a third grade Brooklyn teacher at P.S. 191 (pictured below), allegedly egged on another child to pummel a “bully” as he stood before his fellow classmates. Now Francis is reportedly facing a $10,000 fine for instigating the school hallway circus, reports the Daily Mail. SEE ALSO: Baltimore Cop Arrested For Allegedly Pimping Teen Wife […]

An unidentified teacher poured pencil shavings in to the mouth of 13-year-old Marquis Jay, and Jay’s mom reportedly isn’t satisfied with the school’s punishment of the teacher, reports CBS News. SEE ALSO: Man, Who Was Arrested At Age 6, Becomes Family’s 5th Convicted Murderer As Jay reportedly leaned back in a chair with his head […]

Former Broward County, Fla., elementary school teacher Cheryl Grampa (pictured), who stands accused of allowing some of her students to massage her to a “happy ending,” has lost her license to teach in her state, according to the Sun-Sentinel. SEE ALSO: Scientists Discuss What Happens To The ‘Soul’ After Death (VIDEO) The 46-year-old educator, who […]

Brooklyn teacher Marlon Scanterbury (pictured) was fined by the city’s Conflict of Interest Board for peddling his homemade soaps to students in exchange for a free pass on homework, reports the New York Post. SEE ALSO: Nurses: Lenox Hill Newborns Receive Shoddy Care Due To ‘Beyonce’ Rooms Scanterbury, a 6th grade science teacher at P.S. 66, began his […]

Bryan Craig (pictured), a guidance counselor at Rich Central High School in Olympia Fields, Ill., was placed on paid administrative leave on Friday, while school authorities ponder how to best handle the controversy that has swirled around a very racy book Craig wrote about sex, women, and relationships, reports The Herald News. SEE ALSO: 82-Year-Old Career Criminal […]

A fifth grade teacher of southwest Atlanta’s Dobbs Elementary School Shayla Smith (pictured) is facing being terminated from her job because she allegedly had a simple reason for helping her students cheat in her class two years ago: “They were dumb as hell.”  Or at least, that is what another teacher alleges Smith said at a recent […]

Sharron Smalls, the principal of Jane Addams High School in The Bronx, landed in hot water on Friday over the possibility that she improperly gave class credits to students. Now HALF of the entire senior class is in danger of not graduating because they do not have enough credits to do so. SEE ALSO: 7-Year-Old […]