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A homeless South Carolina man (pictured) is $200,000 richer after spending $10 on a lottery ticket in Greenville, Fox affiliate KEYC-TV reports.

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The South Carolina Education Lottery confirmed the win. The winner declined to be identified. He bought the winning ticket at a Simon’s Liquors last week and jumped for joy after realizing that he had the winning numbers.

The man plans on purchasing a home with his winnings.

“To see a person, you know he gets $200,000 he doesn’t have a penny in his pocket but $20,” said Simon Sfeir, owner of Simons Liquors, who sold the winning ticket, according to the Associated Press. Sfeir gets $2,000 of the winnings for selling the ticket.

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“After he hit on that he just gave the $5 ticket to this other guy sitting up under the tree,” said Otis White, one of the winner’s friends.

Jone has lived in Greenville his whole life and used in work in construction. But he fell on hard times and has been living at a rescue mission. “This will put me where I need to be,” the man told Greenville Online.

We hope so. Let’s also hope that he will spend, invest and save his earnings wisely!