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A Pompano Beach, Fla., firehouse is under investigation for using toilet paper that sports the image of President Barack Obama.  City officials believe that the bathroom roll was the work of a disgruntled firefighter who was ordered to remove all of his anti-Obama stickers from his city-owned locker, reports Complex City Guide.

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South Florida city officials did not find any humor in the crass prank, stating that there is no room for such a divisive political statement on city-owned property:

If you have an opinion, you’re certainly entitled to it. Everyone has their opinion. Put it on your own personal vehicle or your own personal things. But you don’t display it on city property, on city grounds that maybe someone else doesn’t agree with, that’s politically motivated, and it’s inappropriate, said an unidentified city official, according to Complex City.

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A year ago, another firefighter was ordered to remove an anti-Obama bumper sticker from his locker and he obliged in addition to admitting the error of his ways. Meanwhile, investigators are still delving in to the case and are looking to get to the bottom of the tasteless “prank.”

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