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Comparing a candidate’s political ideologies or even egos is one thing but sizing up…er…private parts is a horse of a different color!  The official Durex condoms feed on the Chinese version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, posted two images on Wednesday night that suggested in addition to having a greater number of electoral votes, that President Barack Obama is better endowed than his former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, reports Ad Age.

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The ad features two pictures, one of First Lady Michelle Obama (pictured left) smiling from ear-to-ear and holding her hands about 10-inches apart as if depicting a size measurement. The opposite photo is that of Romney’s wife, Ann (pictured right), looking quite disillusioned and holding her thumb and index fingers mere millimeters apart from one another as if also referencing size.

The caption in Chinese, translated in English reads,

The difference between Obama and Romney is…concluding by saying, that you make your own assumptions, who has got a bigger what.

Don’t expect us to finish that for you.

According to the microblog, the video was not meant to be shared globally, it was only meant for its Chinese viewers.

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