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Mary Woods is so incensed that her son Jamal, a freshman at the University of Mississippi, was racially attacked on the school’s campus that she has enlisted the help of two civil rights organizations who are offering a reward to bring  justice to her family, reports WMC-TV.

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The 19-year-old ROTC freshman, who had planned to graduate and then enlist to serve in this country’s armed forces, became the target of several racist taunts that began in August.  Someone reportedly wrote racial slurs on his dorm room door that read, “Blacks are known to steal,” followed by profanity that was scrawled on the youth’s door along with smeared lotion and two playing cards.

The incident left both mother and son shaken.

Jamal, who feared for his life and who would always pack up his gear and head home for the weekends instead of remaining on campus in order to avoid becoming a sitting duck waiting for the next racist ploy, asked to be transferred to another dorm.

On November 5th, campus police alerted Jamal to the fact that his truck, which he had received as a high school graduation gift, had been vandalized.  The vehicle’s tires had been slashed, the hood had the letters “KKK” scratched on to it and the words, “Go Home,” had been carved on to the side of the truck. The tailgate also sported a racial slur (pictured above). The vandals reportedly removed the vehicle’s speakers and stereo system as well.

Watch news coverage of the racial incident here:

Demanding answers for the racial attack on her son, Mary contacted Reverend Dwight Montgomery who is with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and Operation PUSH and both organizations have put up a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the capture of those responsible for the racial bias toward the student.

Rev. Montgomery told WMC-TV, “We want to know the persons involved in this travesty.”

Meanwhile, Mary says that she will not drop the search for her son’s taunters until they are found, and Jamal will continue his studies at Ole Miss and then leave the school.