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Effectively adding his name to the list of embittered Republicans who continue to act out after President Barack Obama’s re-election win, Charlie Webster, chairman of Maine’s Republican Party, insisted that voter fraud must account for the “hundreds” of Black people who voted in his state. Why? Because neither he nor his associates know anyone who is Black, yet they showed up to cast their ballot on the big day, according to the NY Daily News.

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On Wednesday, Webster told Portland’s WCHS6 that he was surprised to see all of the Black people who showed up to vote last Tuesday:

“In some parts of rural Maine, there were dozens, dozens of Black people who came in and voted on Election Day. I’m not talking about 15 or 20. I’m talking hundreds. I’m not politically correct, and maybe I shouldn’t have said these voters were Black, but anyone who suggests I have a bias toward any race or group, frankly, that’s sleazy.”

Racist? No way!

And what could be wrong with “hundreds” of Blacks voting in the lovely state of Maine on Election Day?

“Everybody has a right to vote, but nobody in town knows anyone who’s Black,” Webster said. “How did that happen? I don’t know. We’re going to find out.”

Because just as with the Antebellum period, if there were any random Black people hanging around, they would be accounted for, right? But I digress.

Webster then explains how he is going to rectify this conundrum of voter fraud.

The NY Daily News reports:

Webster … said he plans to mail thank-you postcards to new voters to make sure they are delivered to valid addresses.

Perhaps Webster is still smarting because the President won both the state of Maine and its four corresponding electoral votes, even though Maine is only one of two states that actually split its electoral votes between two Congressional Districts. Romney — and his Republican brethren — reportedly thought he would nab at least one of those votes.

Being disgruntled doesn’t help anyone.

Unfortunately for Webster, Megan Sanborn, a spokeswoman for Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers, denies that there was any indication of voter fraud or misconduct at the polls, “Our office has not heard any complaints about Election Day.”

Nice try, Charlie!

Luckily for the Black folks of Maine, Webster, who calls the President a “socialist,” will be stepping down from his post at the end of November.

Can anyone say, “Good riddance?”