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The Brooklyn DA’s Office will hire an independent expert to reconstruct the death of a Black man struck by a police car that was chasing him. It is a new development that raises doubts about the NYPD’s version of events that lead to 27-year-old Tamon Robinson‘s (pictured) death last April.

The New York Daily News reports that an independent accident reconstruction expert is expected to investigate whether Robinson struck a parked NYPD vehicle, fell to the ground, hit the back of his head and died as the NYPD claims in its report. The fatal collision left a sizable dent on the side of the vehicle, raising doubts over the NYPD’s account.

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While the NYPD reportedly said there were no witnesses to the incident, the Brooklyn DA’s office has interviewed several. One spoke with the Daily News:

“I heard the cops say over their loudspeaker, ‘Stop f—— running!’ and that made me jump to the window,” said neighbor Zina Callahan, adding she was interviewed by prosecutors about what she heard and saw from her third-floor window.

“The cop car sped up and hit him,” she said. “I screamed. He went up in the air.”

A lawyer for Robinson’s mother, Laverne Dobbinson, told the Daily News, “It is clear what the witnesses saw happen is totally inconsistent with what the police say in their report.

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Watch community reaction to Robinson’s death:

Commenting on the investigation, an anonymous police source said that, “It’s clear they don’t feel comfortable about the (NYPD) investigation.” The results from the expert’s findings could strongly influence whether or not Hynes pursues charges against the officers who drove the squad car.

Last Wednesday, Dobbinson filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city, the NYPD and the two officers who were inside of the squad car. Any inconsistencies the accident expert finds may help Dubbinson’s lawsuit. Since her son’s death, Dobbinson received a $710 bill for the damage caused to the cop car that took her son’s life. And, on the day of her son’s funeral, the NYPD kicked down her door. The cops later admitted they had the wrong address.

Dobbinson’s door was repaired the same day.