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The “World’s Dumbest Criminals” list has gotten longer as a Detroit teen was cuffed for allegedly trying to sell a laptop to a woman he robbed, Fox 2 News reports.

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He took several television sets, a few bottles of alcohol and a laptop from the woman’s home. Stephanie and Michael Schmid helped the robbery victim, who is also their neighbor, clean up the damage and file a police report. The unidentified woman was too scared to enter the home when she discovered someone had broken into it.

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Though, the Schmids were shocked that the teen actually returned to the crime scene to sell the stolen laptop back to the woman. He wanted $40 bucks. Thinking on her toes, she asked the teen to return the next day for the money. When he did, the cops were waiting to arrest him.

“He’s gotta be really stupid to come back,” Stephanie told Fox 2. Well, given Detroit’s limited police services nowadays, residents have to depend on stupid criminals to help the cops make their collars.

By the way, the woman got her laptop back. But the television sets were sold and the alcohol was consumed.

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