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Comedian Katt William‘s bizarre U.S. tour of screw-ups apparently has no end in sight.

The troubled funnyman was arrested yesterday morning in a Seattle bar after threatening the manager with a pool stick, then following a family outside and flicking a cigarette into a woman’s eye, TMZ reports.

According to police, Williams “refused to leave the establishment and also threw a rock at the car.”

He was arrested on charges of investigation of harassment, assault and obstructing police. After spending the night in jail, he was bailed out by Death Row founder and Hip-Hop heavyweight, Suge Knight.

This isn’t the first time that Knight has had to come to Williams’ rescue. During the now infamous drug-fueled Oakland show, a belligerent and combative Williams engaged in a verbal altercation with an attendee. In video footage, security can be seen quickly surrounded him. Knight eventually picks up the much smaller Williams and tries to make him calm down.

According to TMZ, Knight is officially the comedian’s tour manager.

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See abbreviated version of the meltdown below. WARNING: GRAPHIC MATERIAL:

See full clip below. WARNING: GRAPHIC MATERIAL:

Just last week, after leading Sacramento police on a wild chase through the streets on a motorized tri-cycle, Williams slapped a Target employee in the face and drove away in an electric shopping cart.

See footage by clicking here.

As also previously reported, he has been arrested for battery after an altercation at a club in Oakland, California. In previous months, he was also arrested for violating parole with a gun possession violation and intimidating a witness in an odd tractor incident, among other odd occurrences.

Speaking exclusively with NewsOne on condition of anonymity, a former acquaintance of the comedian reveals that a clinical mental disorder plays a factor in his spiraling behavior and they fear for his life:

“Katt was diagnosed as Bipolar I when he was involuntarily checked into a mental institution several years ago. He refuses to take medication and instead uses narcotics which exacerbates the condition. Some mentally ill take out their demons on themselves but Katt projects his pain externally as we’ve seen play out when he goes in on hecklers in his audience. If you know his career trajectory extending all the way back to his room at the Hollywood Casino you’d know he never went “in” on people who came to see his shows – that’s for comedians who don’t have any material.

“Unfortunately Katt no longer has material because he’s in such a dark place he can’t come up with jokes. It speaks to the greed of Live Nation that they would even continue to book him shows being aware of his illness and drug use, and letting him embarrass himself on camera in front of the world. I hope he can find professional help otherwise we will wake up one day to hearing of his death either via suicide or homicide.”

Unfortunately for Williams, he is beginning to be a punchline to a not so funny joke. Get help, Katt. We’re all rooting for you.


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