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In the months since the tragic shooting death of teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., George Zimmerman and his defense team have spun tales regarding what happened on the night of February 26th. Although several reports stated Zimmerman did suffer injuries in the altercation with Martin, after his medical report was released, it was revealed that he went to visit the doctor the next day not for his injuries, but so that he could obtain a note for missed work. In a later report, some police officers disagreed with Zimmerman’s claims of a broken nose, after responding to the scene. Now, Zimmerman’s attorneys have released an updated version of an older photo (pictured), which claims to depict the bruises he supposedly suffered – adding a new wrinkle to an increasingly murky case.

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A report from the Orlando Sentinel was published on Monday, featuring a hi-res, full-color version of a photo that was released months prior. The photo glaringly depicts blood running from the mouth of Zimmerman, with Zimmerman’s nose appearing broken and bloodied. This photo was given to prosecutors by the defense team as part of a gathering of evidence ahead of the June 2013 second-degree murder trial.

Additionally, the photo was also made available on the defense’s web site. According to an ABC report, Zimmerman’s defense team claims that the re-released photo casts doubts about the strength of the murder case against Zimmerman. The defense is also pushing the validity of a witness account: William Irvin, a Sanford police investigator, stated that he heard Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, say to another detective that the bloodcurdling screams heard on the 911 call that night were not from his son.

Either way, from lying to the presiding judge about the amount of money he had in his possession at his initial bond hearing to making a number of statements that contradict wrestling with Martin over his firearm (he did NOT according to the forensics report) and whether he did indeed experience head trauma (he did NOT, according to his medical report), it is clear that Zimmerman’s defense is riddled with holes.

While Zimmerman is sure to make more dubious claims in the weeks before his trial starts, NewsOne will keep you updated and informed to ensure that Trayvon’s murder is not in vain.

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