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UPDATE 12-29-12:  Katt Williams released and is involved in a brawl outside of  Eden Club in Hollywood with manager and Hip-Hop heavyweight, Suge Knight. TMZ has the video:

Comedian Katt Williams is in the news again, and this time, it’s no laughing matter.

Williams was arrested Friday for allegedly endangering 4 of his children.


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TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … LAPD cops picked Katt up at his Woodland Hills home this morning, after an investigation from the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services concluded there were numerous guns and illegal drugs in the house that created a safety hazard for the kids.

Our sources say … during the arrest various items were seized.Katt is still in custody … being held on $100,000 bail.  As for the kids … authorities have placed them in protective custody.

We’re told the case will go to the D.A. next week for possible felony child endangerment charges.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Williams was just hit with a $4 million tax lien, in addition to several highly publicized run-ins with the law, including but not limited to:  battery charges, felony evasion charges, slapping a Target employee in the face and being bailed out of jail by Suge Knight after an altercation in a Seattle bar.


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