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Sounding sober and appearing subdued and focused, comedian Katt Williams told TMZ that police have crossed the line by taking his children away from him.

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Saying that he’s adopted 7 children and had them in the state of California for 14 years, he finds it insulting that they would come to his office and take his kids from him like he’s the “most terrible n*gga.”

Williams admitted to having weed, but no drugs, and guns, but said they were secured.

“They were in a locked box that the police broke,” Katt said. “They raided my place and broke my gun box. [Of course, they’re gonna find guns.”

During these turbulent times, Williams asked the question that is on many parents’ minds:

“How am I supposed to keep my kids safe without guns?”

The embattled comedian claims to have been arrested 36 times in 36 months, and the fact that he’s never been inside of a court of law proves that law enforcement is on a witch hunt.

Invoking the names of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Trayvon Martin and Malcolm X, Williams said that they were killed for having the Black skin and telling the truth and just because he’s a comedian, doesn’t mean that it can’t happen to him.

Williams confidently acknowledged fans as the cameras rolled. When asked did he have any New Year’s resolution, showing a spark of his old humor, he said:

“Yeah, I’ma be white next year. In my next life, I’ma be Caucasian and I ain’t taking no for an answer.”

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