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Today, the autopsy results of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin were released to the public and the mainstream media, which has been in a watchful lull since George Zimmerman was freed on $150,000 bail, burst into a frenzy with the “breaking” news. The results revealed that Martin had traces of THC, the chemical found in marijuana, in his blood and urine. This “explosive” news piggybacked onto the earlier reports that he was shot through the chest at “intermediate range,” which means that he was in close proximity to Zimmerman at the time he was shot to death.

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In an attempt to sift through the spin that mainstream media is attempting to play up for page views and ad clicks, I thought it might be beneficial to point out one thing:

It wouldn’t matter if Trayvon had a joint in his pocket and beat the hell out of George Zimmerman in an attempt to protect himself, it still could not minimize the fact that this child — Tracy and Sybrina’s baby — was profiled, menaced, then viciously murdered by a vigilante neighborhood watch captain with a God complex who couldn’t just stay in his vehicle.

I wish someone would “break” that news.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing about the autopsy results that changes these facts:

1.) Trayvon Martin was transported to a morgue, labeled as a John Doe, and was there for days while his father frantically searched for him.

2.) George Zimmerman, who was literally standing next to the smoking gun, was not required to submit to a drug test, neither on the scene nor later at the police station.

3.)  The media has consistently attempted to deflect from the fact that Trayvon was simply on his way home when he was murdered — and that all other information is merely a tactic to vilify this child.

4.) State Prosecutor Angela Corey was privy to every, single ounce of evidence and she still found it necessary to charge George Zimmerman with second degree murder.

Bottom line: Trayvon Martin is dead. He is a child who is not here to defend himself and the fact that adults are now trying to murder his reputation is beyond reprehensible.

As we move forward, hopefully, people will remember who the victim here truly is — and it’s not a man who is recorded on a 911 tape saying that “these assholes always get away.”

George Zimmerman made it his business to make sure that Trayvon Martin did not get away. That is the only fact that matters.


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