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Although African Americans make up just 13 percent of the U.S. population, we account for 33 percent of the missing in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s database. Cases involving African Americans also tend to receive less media coverage than missing Whites, with missing men of color getting even less attention.

NewsOne has partnered with the Black and Missing Foundation and TV One to focus on the crisis of missing African Americans.

To be a part of the solution, NewsOne will profile a missing person weekly and provide tips about how to keep your loved ones safe and what to do if someone goes missing, while TV One‘s newest show, “Find Our Missing,” hosted by award-winning actress S. Epatha Merkerson, tells these stories in visual form.


Ebony Jackson

Case Type: Endangered

Date of Birth: January 1, 1983

Missing Date: January 04, 2013

Age Now: 30

Missing City: Breckenridge Hills

Missing State: Missouri

Gender: Female

Race: Black

Complexion: Dark

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 150

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: Medium

Eye Color: Brown

Wear Glasses or Contacts: No

Location Last Seen: Unknown. Her baby was found in the hallway of a St. Louis apartment building.

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Circumstances of Disappearance: Jackson’s family says the last time anyone heard from her was a phone call to an Aunt Thursday. Jackson told her aunt that she was with a friend, and the Aunt said she could hear the baby in the background. The Aunt did not ask who the friend was, but Jackson’s family feels sure that person will know what happened to her.

According to, family members say Jackson was traveling to St. Louis to show the baby to family members. They now fear she may be in danger. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

Jackson told the aunt she was with a friend, and the aunt said she could hear the baby in the background. The aunt did not ask who the friend was, but Jackson’s family feels sure that person will know what happened to her.

‘She was with someone before she came up missing,’ said Jackie Simon, one of Jackson’s aunts. “Whoever that is has to come forward to tell us where Ebony is.”

Police said previously that the baby showed no sign of neglect when he was found Friday. He was healthy and well-dressed, and secured in what was described as an expensive car seat, with a bottle. T

he hallway where the baby was found was fully enclosed, so the boy was not exposed to the morning’s frigid cold. He was discovered by a resident about 5 a.m. The complex has 15 eight-unit buildings just off St. Charles Rock Road, about a mile east of the former Northwest Plaza. Family members said Jackson has no known connection to the complex.

Family members say they are concerned about the police investigation of the case.

“They said they need DNA proof that Ebony is even related to the baby before they can proceed,” cousin Jatouris Simon told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “There was lots of pressure on them to figure out who the baby was, but they don’t care about the Mother.”

“It’s horrifying to the family when you have a loved one that you know in your heart just disappeared, and that a police department is treating a case this cavalierly,” added Linda Lawson, a family friend.

Jackson had medical issues that need to be taken in to consideration. According to one of her aunts, “Jackson had had several operations on her brain and her memory was not good. Jackson’s car has a GPS device and is also outfitted with a tracking device, Wilkins said, and she often carried a pen and pad of paper to write herself notes to remember things,” she told the newspaper.

“This is a Mom, and she is missing,” Jackie Simon said. “More people need to be doing something about that.”

Last Seen Wearing: Unknown. She was driving an off-white 2004 Mitsubishi Galant with Colorado plates.

Identifying Marks or Characteristics: Unknown.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Ebony Jackson, please contact the Black and Missing Foundation’s confidential Tip Line.