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President Barack Obama (pictured right) got some assistance in promoting the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll from viral sensation Kid President (aka Robby Novak (pictured left), whose YouTube videos have garnered more than 10 million hits.

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In a White House video posted Thursday, a group of children spread the word about the April 1st event through class notes and even radio. Eventually, Kid President phones in a call using a tin-can telephone and who else answers but the President himself.

“Kid President, looks like you got my message,” President Obama says.

“This is historic!” Kid President enthusiastically responds. “The White House Easter Egg Roll, kids dancing, eggs rolling. I’m in!”

Watch the video here:

According to, the Easter Egg Roll dates back to 1878. Back then, children in Washington, D.C., would flock to Capitol Hill the Monday after Easter for egg rolling and other activities. Eventually, Congress passed an Act prohibiting egg rolling on Capitol grounds. As a consequence, the event was moved to the White House.

In order to attend the Easter Egg Roll, one has to submit their name to a ticket lottery. This year’s lottery opened at 10 a.m. on Thursday and will run until 10.a.m Monday. Enter for yourself here. Good luck!

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