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Real estate developer, television personality, conspiracy theory slinger, Internet troll, and now apparent faux film critic Donald Trump (pictured) was none too pleased with last night’s Academy Awards — particularly the accolades bestowed upon “Django Unchained.” Presumably upset with actor Christopher Waltz and filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and their wins in the Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay categories, respectively, the Trump slammed the movie on his favorite platform: Twitter.

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Donald tweeted:

Django Unchained is the most racist movie I have ever seen, it sucked!

And yet, he will swear before White Jesus that he’s never, ever said anything remotely racial about President Barack Obama.

I mean, after all, Donald Trump does have a great relationship with “the Blacks.” Unfortunately for Trump, this is not an instance where game peeps game. This is more like doth protest too much, and we all know how much he loves to protest regardless of whether he has any real reason to object.

For kicks, which parts of the movie do you think he hated most? The part where we’re reminded of the horrors of slavery and how ingrained it is in the fabric of America? The subsequent White guilt that may have been evoked from film-goers? Or hell, is he just mad “Django” had the nerve to walk around unchained and uppity?

Not wanting to squander an opportunity to share his viewpoints with a large audience, Trump continued to whine about the movie on national television, calling in to Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends” claiming that those concerned about gun control ought to be worried about “Django.”

It’s frustrating to know a man who can afford all the perspective in the world won’t bother to make that all-too-important purchase.

In any event, the bootleg Roger Ebert went on to categorize the Academy Awards as an event he was “not impressed” by given it was “very average.” He also called it “boring” and “okay at best.” Not to be outdone, Trump added, “I thought the set was terrible,” he continued. “I mean, talk about the word ‘tacky.’”

When a style icon like Donald Trump pans you for tackiness, whew, you better take cover. Heads are going to roll following that influential feedback.

For the record, the Donald also panned Best Actor winner Daniel Day-Lewis:

“First of all, he’s not from this country. He had an accent that I could detect…I don’t think Lincoln had an English accent to the best of my knowledge.”

Yes, we all know how informed Donald Trump is about history, don’t we?

One more brain fart: “I just don’t think that Lincoln behaved like that.”

I can’t believe he didn’t take issue with First Lady Michelle Obama presenting the award for Best Picture to “Argo.”

Like, she’s married to his arch-rival so how dare she show up on his television set while he hypocritically bemoans racism?

Then again, since Trump actually likes “Argo,” perhaps he let Michelle slide for agreeing with him.

And that, Negroes and other friends, is Donald Trump’s review of the 2013 Academy Awards and the state of cinema. I can’t wait to find out what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar thought of the show too.

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