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The always demure La Toya Jackson (pictured) is reportedly refuting the allegations that were made in a recent New York Post article, claiming that she is a “gold-digging diva” who is milking the talents of her late-brother’s, Michael, three children and getting a 15 percent commission on their deals, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

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The 56-year-old Auntie of Michael’s children, Prince Michael, 16, Paris, 15 and Blanket, 10, is being lambasted by the daily paper for allegedly snaking her way in to the children’s good graces while their relatives feuded with the estate’s executors over the King of Pop’s $2 billion fortune.

The New York Post alleges that La Toya wooed her niece and nephews with cookies, ice cream, and warm and fuzzy quality time spent watching TV or movies, just so that she could sign them to her Ja-Tail Enterprises Talent Agency and collect a 15 percent commission per gig.

Paris will be shooting a movie across the Pond in the U.K. later this year, while Prince Michael has a deal to appear as an occasional correspondent with the long-running celeb news show “Entertainment Tonight.”  The eldest Jackson will also have an acting role on the CW’s “90210.”

The New York Post article also alleged that La Toya was shopping around a reality show, featuring her three pint-sized goldmines, with occasional appearances from family matriarch, Katherine, and La Toya, of course.

OWN, the Oprah network, is rumored to be the highest bidder for the alleged reality show at $10 million.

At one time, La Toya, claimed that Michael’s beloved pet chimp, Bubbles, actually spoke to her and ran a psychic line.

She also publicly accused Michael of being a pedophile.

Still, she is currently calling the recent blatant accusations against her lies. The entertainer-turned-business-woman had her publicist, Juliette Harris, crank out a the following letter to the Hollywood Reporter, regarding the allegations:

“The story in The NY Post is completely and unequivocally false. Neither La Toya nor her company represent any of MJ’s children in any legal capacity nor has she received any commissions or payment as a result of their individual ventures. As a loving Aunt, when the children ask for help or advice she supports them 100%, and will continue to do so.

Furthermore, there is no shopping of a reality show for the children. Paris did her movie deal over a year ago directly with the production company and La Toya had nothing to do with it. Over the past year, Prince has continuously asked his Aunt for her help in starting his career because of the infrastructure she has. When she asked her nephew what he wanted for his birthday he replied, “He just wanted to work,” It was at the time that she diligently started to assist him with his career and that’s when ‘Entertainment Tonight’ was booked and then ‘90210.’

La Toya is currently consulting with her attorneys on how to proceed against these false and derogatory statements made by The NY Post and other participating publications.”

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