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Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell’s (pictured) Facebook page was reportedly hacked, according to Gawker,.

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On Monday morning, Colin Powell’s Facebook page was flooded with insults to previous boss and former President George W. Bush, with statements such as:

“Bush is walking in his room with a kukluxklan hat on his tarded head”


“You are such [an] a**hole Colin you will burn in hell for the crimes you and Bush and [Rockefellers] And Others!”

People who are “friends” with Powell immediately responded to the messages:

“General, some unfortunate organism has hacked this account,” wrote Annie Joe Edwards. “Letting you know…and we are not amused.”

“Sir, I believe your account has been hacked,” wrote Laurie Malib Maberry. “Strange posts and pictures from you are showing up on my newsfeed.”

In response to Maberry, the alleged hacker wrote:

“Laurie watch your road drive carefully.”

At press time, Powell wrote on his Facebook page:

Dear Friends, as most of you realize, my fb page has obviously been hacked. I’m sorry you have to see all the stupid, obscene posts that are popping up. Please ignore as we are working with fb to take care of this problem. I appreciate your patience.

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