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On Tuesday, medical assistant Adrienne Moton (pictured below) seemed to drive nails in to Dr. Kermit Gosnell‘s (pictured above) coffin as she described facilitating the deaths of at least 10 babies, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

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Moton is the first employee to testify in the capital murder case against Dr. Gosnell who is accused of selling highly addictive prescription drugs during the day and performing illegal late-term abortions at night.

Due to the alleged ages of the fetuses, Dr. Gosnell reportedly induced labor for the desperate, low-income women who came to his Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia.

Between the hours of 8 and 10 p.m. at night, Gosnell and his unskilled, uneducated employees would allegedly kill the babies by cutting their necks and snipping their spines.

Moton reportedly told the court:

“I learned it [cutting spines] from Dr. Gosnell,” said Moton in response to a question from Assistant District Attorney Edward Cameron. “I never asked why.”

“Can you say how many you did?” Cameron asked.

“I could remember a good 10 times that I did it,” Moton replied.

The now-35-year-old Moton reportedly moved in with Dr. Gosnell and his wife as a high school student due to a tumultuous home life, after being introduced by Dr. Gosnell’s niece.
Eventually, Moton would need two abortions herself, and Dr. Gosnell would allegedly terminate those pregnancies. In 2005, she began working for the doctor sterilizing instruments. Unfortunately, her duties would expand to “administering drugs, performing sonograms, helping with abortions, and disposing of fetal remains.”

For his part, Dr. Gosnell is on trial for the death of 41-year-old patient Karnamaya Mongar and seven viable babies.
Prosecutors allege that Dr. Gosnell and his “staff” stored the remains of babies throughout the clinic. As NewsOne previously reported:
The clinic, after three decades in business, was shut down within three months of Mongar’s death, after federal drug agents investigating the high-volume painkiller business made gruesome discoveries in the abortion rooms. They found fetal remains mixed among staff lunches (pictured below) in the office refrigerator, jars containing the feet of aborted fetuses and other unsanitary or disturbing practices.
Still, according to his defense attorney, Dr. Gosnell provided care to his low-income community for nearly 30 years instead of opting to live the rich life in the ‘burbs.
The New York Times reports:

His lawyer, Jack J. McMahon, described Dr. Gosnell as dedicated to treating the poor and accused prosecutors of racism — “a prosecutorial lynching” of his client, who is Black.

“It’s an elitist, racist prosecution,” Mr. McMahon said. “This Black man is being taken because of who he is and where he works.

In fact, when Dr. Gosnell faced a judge back in 2011 for his charges, he went on record to say that he was too poor to afford legal representation, according to the Mail.

But Dr. Gosnell is reported to actually own at least 17 properties, and up until he was arrested, the good doctor made $1.8 million annually, according to a grand jury report:

Gosnell catered to the women who couldn’t get abortions elsewhere – because they were too pregnant.

For Dr. Gosnell, they were an opportunity. The bigger the baby, the more he charged.

Watch news coverage of Dr. Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” here:
In addition to Dr. Gosnell and Moton being charged, there are also seven others who are facing charges: wife Pearl Gosnell, employee Elizabeth Hampton, assistant Lynda Williams, accomplice Eileen O’Neil, Sherry WestMaddline Joe, and receptionist Tina Baldwin.