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Racism is alive and well in Sweden. Case in point, a Swedish bus driver reportedly forced Blacks and other non-Whites to travel on separate buses from White passengers South African-apartheid-era style, according to the Daily Mail.

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The incident reportedly took place over a two-day period last week in Stockholm, the country’s capital city.

When passengers were planning to visit a ferry terminal to catch boats to the Aland Islands, an unidentified driver, who works for the tour bus company People Travel Group, placed all of his Caucasian passengers on one bus and Blacks, Asians, and other non-Whites on another.

Once the tourists challenged the bus driver, he allegedly told them they could get off his buses, according to passenger Samer Chatila who was not allowed on the “White bus” and was therefore separated from his friend, “We felt insulted, offended, and discriminated against.”

Stockholm, which is a multicultural city comprised of 26 percent non-Swedes, has had a number of racist and xenophobic incidents. According to the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), which promotes equal treatment within the member states, racist views with regards to ethnicity and religion have negatively impacted Blacks, Jews, and Muslims, especially in the job market; skin color plays a decisive role in an individual’s opportunities in the labor market.

According to ENAR, Africans, in particular, have a significantly lower probability of obtaining a job in Sweden that is relevant to their level of competence. Racism in the country is not only limited to jobs but also occurs in schools, politics, public service, nightlife, the legal system, housing, and the media.

The bus company reportedly received tons of complaints from irate riders. On Thursday, the company’s director, Tomas Karlsson, told the press, he had removed the driver from his route and the man will face a disciplinary board to explain his actions.

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