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A fitness instructor who lost her wallet filled with $1,000 at a Philadelphia mall last month received a nice surprise when a young woman returned it–with all the money still inside.

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Ireland native Angela Mohan was visiting the King Of Prussia mall to purchase a new kettle. But when she returned home, she quickly realized the wallet and the $1,000 her sister wired to pay off bills were missing. “I jumped in my car” and drove back to the mall,” Mohan told But it was long gone.

The lost money wasn’t the only thing keeping her on edge.

“I said, ‘OK, I’m down a thousand. But my credit cards, my license. My life is in that wallet.'”

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Fortunately, a Good Samaritan was also in the mall that Friday. Angelise Alba was celebrating her 20th birthday with her mother at the mall’s Cheesecake Factory store. While returning home, Alba noticed the wallet in the mall’s parking lot. After searching it for a contact, Alba found the money.

“I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of money. Someone must be freaking out by now,'” she said. Once she found Mohan’s license, she sent her a message through Facebook and left a phone message.

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Alba then gave the wallet to her mother and returned to her dorm at West Chester University. Mohan heard Alba’s messages on her phone and rushed to the Alba residence the next morning, where Alba’s mother was waiting with the wallet.

“Everything was in the wallet,” Mohan said. “I gave her a big hug.” Then she took $100 from the wallet and insisted Wanda Alba give it to her daughter.

“There wasn’t a moment’s thought about keeping it,” Wanda Alba said. “Her [Angelise’s] concentration was, I need to find this lady and give her back her money.”

Mohan continued heaping praise on Alba for returning the money. She sent a letter to the President of West Chester University to say that “this kid is amazing.” And Alba will be in for another treat when she travels to Ireland this summer for a study abroad program.

Mohan’s sister will be meeting Alba, with Mohan saying that “we’re going to give her any help we can.”